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Enjoy Knowing That Your Annual Fund Support Can Continue Forever

Ray and Yasuko Fields smiling

Ray and Yasuko Fields (Rotary Club of McMinnville, USA)

Ray Fields, and his wife Yasuko, established an endowed fund so their annual gift to Rotary could be assured throughout their lifetime and in perpetuity. "I am a great believer in endowments that forever fund worthwhile projects," Ray explained. "Many years ago I was very fortunate financially. So instead of giving a lot of money in taxes to the government, I decided to make a tax deductible donation to Rotary's endowment with the understanding that a portion of the earnings would come to help support its programs."

Ray shared that "it has been great to see our gifts in action and to learn of the good that Rotarians are doing around the world."

Discover how you can help ensure your support to The Rotary Foundation lasts forever with an endowed gift.